Delivery Models Overview

We offer RCM Blitz® to our customers in a variety of delivery model formats to suit the unique needs of your facility.

On-Site Facilitation


Develop Your Own:
Facilitator Training & Certification

During the on-site RCM facilitation, our expert facilitators will lead your RCM teams through the RCM Blitz® process.

This facilitated process includes

-Failures Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis (FMECA),

-Process Verification Techniques,

-Consequence Reduction Tasks,

-Spare Parts Strategy, and 

-Implementation Strategy.


The RCM Blitz® co-facilitation model teams an RCM Blitz® Facilitator with a PM/PdM Subject Matter Expert, which results in the fastest and most efficient way to facilitate analysis.

Allied Reliability Group can train your team members to become RCM Blitz® Facilitators or PM/PdM Subject Matter Experts, or GPAllied can provide a Facilitator and/or Subject Matter Expert for your site.


RCM Blitz® Facilitator training programs are delivered on-site or on a public basis at our training facilities.

Using a simple process as a class example, instructors lead the attendees through a series of exercises on:

-how to select critical assets,

-starting and sustaining an RCM Blitz® effort, and 

-instilling a Reliability Centered Maintenance business culture.

RCM Blitz® offers 3 different versions of training courses.

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