Moving Back On the P-F Curve to Maximize Maintenance Effectiveness

14- August-2012

In this article, Doug Plucknette walks the reader through a deep dive into the P-F Curve and P-F Intervals and defines proactive maintenance technologies and maintenance tools. Read More>>

Defining the Importance of a Functional Failure


In the 27 years following the release of Nowlan and Heap’s “Reliability Centered Maintenance”, many have struggled to understand the importance of each step in this seven step reliability tool.  In this article Doug Plucknette walks the reader through the steps to successfully and accurately complete the process. Read More>>

RCM Implementation


After exchanging phone calls and emails with a client we worked with who planned, analyzed, implemented and is now performing tasks from nearly a dozen RCM Blitz® analyses we started less than one year ago.

According to the survey of more than 250 companies, over 85% of the reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) analyses completed are never implemented. As we all know, if your RCM tasks are not implemented, your company will never see any results from the time and money invested in performing the analysis. Read More>>


Whirled Class:


When a piece of production machinery broke down at the Whirlpool plant in Findlay, Ohio, several years back, it was accepted practice for the machine operator to call maintenance and then sit back and wait for the problem to be fixed. Critical information and knowledge was not shared between the operator and maintenance technician. Read More>>


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