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An overall reliability Service and Solution must be grounded in a fundamental understanding of how equipment fails. RCM Blitz™ Services and Solutions are the hub of Allied Reliability Group’s integrated approach to designing and implementing a failure mode-driven reliability Services and Solutions strategy.

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Services

RCM Blitz™ delivers through three separate RCM Services. Clients can choose any one of the three RCM Services and achieve the same end outcome.

RCM Blitz™ Facilitation Service

RCM Blitz™ is a fully SAE JA1011 compliant RCM analysis methodology that is an integral part of designing and implementing a failure mode-driven maintenance strategy. This facilitated RCM Service includes Failures Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis (FMECA), Process Verification Techniques, Consequence Reduction Tasks, Spare Parts Strategy, and Implementation Strategy.

RCM Blitz™ Co-Facilitation Service

The fastest and most efficient way to facilitate the analysis uses two fully certified co-facilitators to lead the analysis. Co-facilitation RCM Service combines the expertise of our most experienced RCM Blitz™ facilitators with the experience of our PM/PdM program managers.

RCM Blitz™ Facilitator Training & Certification Service

Using a simple process as a class example, our instructor will lead the group through a series of class exercises to clearly show the benefits of RCM, how to select assets at your facility that will provide a return on investment, the steps necessary to starting and sustaining an RCM Blitz™ effort, and how to manage your effort in a way that Reliability Centered Maintenance becomes part of your company’s business culture.

RCM Solutions

How do the RCM Blitz™ Solutions save companies time compared to other traditional methodologies?

  • The RCM Blitz™ Solutions process was put together to allow companies to complete a traditional RCM analysis on a major critical asset by defining the envelope, completing the upfront tasks, and then setting up your meeting to complete the analysis in less than 5 days.
  • The RCM Blitz™ Solutions process is quicker in the way we identify our Main Function Statement and discuss support functions at the component level.
  • The process flow of RCM Solutions is much quicker; once functions and functional failures have been identified, we move on to discuss failure modes, effects, consequences, and decisions.
  • The RCM Blitz™ decision logic is more clearly written and to the point and always leads the team to the correct task.
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