The RCM Blitz® Process

RCM Blitz Process

Recognize Phase

In this phase, we Recognize the client’s “pains”. The system is selected; scope and strategy for the initiative are set along with high level milestones. An initial baseline is conducted to understand system configurations and boundaries, past and current operation performance, and equipment failure history. The current state and target state are determined; essentially we will work with you to determine what program success looks like.

Rationalize Phase

The Rationalize phase uses the information from the Recognize phase to identify key improvement opportunities that could remove the client’s pain.  These steps include:

  • The identification of system boundaries to perform the analysis
  • The selection of RCM team resources, the time requirement expectations, removal of outside distractions, and meeting logistics (e.g. space, breaks, etc.)
  • RCM team training (RCM terminologies/methods, etc.)

Ratify Phase

The Ratify phase is used to establish the picture of the future and rally the team around the targeted metric improvements.  The site leadership team aligns around four things: the vision for the future, a prioritized list of improvement opportunities, an implementation plan, and the financial business case for change. The RCM Blitz® team performs a risk analysis to help mitigate any issues that may arise with the new processes. Site leadership agrees to relieve the pilot area of traditional constraints and allow them to follow the new process. Finally, the team launches the project charter that details the reason for the change and how it affects everyone.
The project charter consists of the following:

  • Analysis contract
  • Project risk management and resource plan
  • Execution strategy.

Resolve Phase

In the Resolve phase, we perform the analysis that satisfies the SAE standard JA1011 for RCM that contains the following elements:

  • Prepare for the analysis
  • Select the equipment to be analyzed
  • Identify functions
  • Identify functional failures
  • Identify and evaluate (categorize) the effects of failure
  • Identify the causes of failure
  • Select maintenance tasks

By the end of the Resolve phase, a customized Equipment Maintenance Plan (EMP) and a detailed implementation task list are delivered.


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