About RCM Blitz®

RCM Blitz® is an efficient, effective and sustainable Reliability Centered Maintenance Methodology.

RCM Blitz® is the hub of Allied Reliability Group's integrated Reliability Centered Maintenance Services founded on designing and implementing a failure modes driven reliability strategy, returning results in a fraction of the time of traditional RCM solutions. RCM Blitz® is a fully SAE JA1011 compliant and includes Failures Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis (FMECA), Process Verification Techniques, Consequence Reduction Tasks, Spare Parts Strategy, and Implementation Strategy.


RCM Blitz® is led by co-facilitators who set a pace for the RCM team, completing the RCM cycle 30% faster than traditional methodologies.


Companies who train and mentor RCM Blitz® Facilitators develop a culture that embraces RCM.  This puts a stop to the endless cycle of consultants and 'flavor of the week' methods.  This is what we call the 'Stick Factor'.


RCM Blitz® is offered in a variety of formats, including On-Site Consulting, On-Site RCM Facilitation, and RCM Blitz® Facilitator Training.


Based on the simple seven step process developed by Nowlan and Heap, RCM Blitz® delivers improved manufacturing reliability and a reduction in Health, Safety, and Environment incidents/accidents.


Traditional RCM methodologies wait and perform Root Cause Analysis following significant failure events, RCM Blitz® is proactive. Tasks and analysis can be performed before failures, eliminating these events before they ever occur. 

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