The 'Stick Factor'

End the revolving door of consultants.  RCM Blitz® puts the tools in the client's hands, integrating RCM into thier culture. 

Making the best even better

Training, certifications, mentoring, coaching; on-site and off-site from shop floor to corner office.

What can RCM Blitz® do for You?

Reduce Emergency and Demand Maintenance Work

Choose RCM Blitz®

Improve equipment reliability, health, safety and frequency environmental incidents with one methodology.

What Can RCM Blitz® Do For You?

An overall reliability strategy must be grounded in a fundamental understanding of how equipment fails. RCM Blitz® is the hub of Allied Reliability Group's integrated approach to designing and implementing a failure modes driven reliability strategy, returning results in a fraction of the time of traditional RCM methods.

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RCM Blitz® Facilitator and Author

RCM Blitz® founder and facilitator, Doug Plucknette, is the author of Reliability Centered Maintenance using...RCM Blitz® as well as his latest book Clean, Green and Reliable: The Role of Maintenance in Sustainability. Read more about Doug and our Facilitators

Public Training

Location: Charleston, SC
Date: 3/1/16 - 3/4/16

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Date: 5/17/16 - 5/20/16



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